ACLINKER TCL RC802N Remote Control Replacement for TCL TV C2 Series 65C2US 75C2US 43P20US


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  • ➤Identical To the original: ACL-TRM TCL RC802N tv remote control has exactly the same function and appearance as the original remote. Fully compatible with the TV. Lightweight, just like your old remote control. The perfect solution to replace old or broken TV remote.
  • ➤PERFECT REPLACEMENT: RC802N Replaced Remote Control fit for TCL Models: C2 SERIES, 49C2US, 55C2US, 65C2US, 75C2US.P20 SERIES: 43P20US, 50P20US, 55P20US, 60P20US, 65P20US, X2US SERIES, 55X2US, 65X2US 50E18US 55E18US
  • ➤No setting required: Light and fully functional. Solid and well-made, no need for programming/tuning, works perfectly without complicated code, good transmission, perfect response command. Simply insert the batteries (not supplied)
  • ➤Easy to grip: The lightweight and ergonomic design make it very comfortable. Perfect for everyone, Particularly suitable for children, the elderly. The remote control is robust and light, it is easy to install, the buttons are soft and robust, the button has good elasticity, it is sufficient to lightly press the button, it works perfectly
  • ➤Guaranteed quality: Made of high-quality ABS, A high-quality replacement remote control is available to meet your needs and We offer a 1-year return policy. Please contact us at any time if there is a problem with our product or service.

Compatible with below TV models:

  • 32S6000S, 40S6000FS, 43S6000FS, 49S6000FS, 43S6500FS, 40S6500FS, 32S6500S
  • 55S6000FS, 49C2US, 55C2US, 65C2US, 75C2US, 65P4US, 50E18US, 55S6500FS, 65E19US
  • For use with models: S6/S6000/S6500 series
  • 65P20US, 75C2US, 70C2US, 55C2US, 49C2US, 60P20US, 55C6US, 43P20US, 50E17USg
  • 55P20US, 65C2US, 50P20US, 43P20US, 65E17US, 50E17US, 65X2US
  • 65X4US, 85X6US, 65C6US, 75C4US, 65P6US, 65P8S, 55P8S, 55X2US, 55X4US, 85X6US
  • C2 SERIES: 49C2US 55C2US 65C2US 75C2US
  • P20 SERIES: 43P20US 50P20US 55P20US 60P20US 65P20US X2US
  • P4/P6/C4/C6/C8/X4/X7/P8M series: C8 75C8 65C8 55C8 X7 65X7 55X7 P8M 85P8M 75P8M 70P8M 65P8M 60P8M 55P8M 50P8M 43P8M


  • Package weight: approx. 49.9g
  • Dimensions: 23 x 2.5 x 1.6 cm
  • Material: ABS Battery required: AAA x 2 (not included)

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