ACLINKER Remote Control Compatible Replacement PANASONIC Smart TV LED LCD Remote Control with NETFLIX APPS button


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  • Replacement Model: N2QAYB001120, N2QAYB001188
  • No programming or setup required, easy and simple to operate.
  • Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote control.
  • 30 days money back guarantee & 12 months warranty from manufacturing defects.
  • with the same keypad outlook on your previous Panasonic Remote

Compatible with below TV models:

  • TH40CS610A TH40CS610Z TH40CS650A TH40CS650Z TH40DS610U TH40DX600U
  • TH40DX605U TH49DX600U TH50CS610A TH50CS650A TH50CS650Z TH55CS650A
  • TH55CS650Z TH55CX700A TH55CX740A TH55CX800A TH55DX640A TH55DX640Z
  • TH58DX700A TH58DX700Z TH58DX740U TH58DX900U TH60CS610A TH60CS610Z
  • TH60CX700A TH65CS610A TH65CS610Z TH65CX640A TH65CX700A TH65CX740A
  • TH65CX800A TH65CX800Z TH65DS610U TH65DX640A TH65DX640Z TH65DX700A
  • TH65DX700Z TH65DX740U TH65DX900U
  • TH-40CS610A TH-40CS610Z TH-40CS650A TH-40CS650Z TH-40DS610U TH-40DX600U
  • TH-40DX605U TH-49DX600U TH-50CS610A TH-50CS650A TH-50CS650Z TH-55CS650A
  • TH-55CS650Z TH-55CX700A TH-55CX740A TH-55CX800A TH-55DX640A TH-55DX640Z
  • TH-58DX700A TH-58DX700Z TH-58DX740U TH-58DX900U TH-60CS610A TH-60CS610Z
  • TH-60CX700A TH-65CS610A TH-65CS610Z TH-65CX640A TH-65CX700A TH-65CX740A
  • TH-65CX800A TH-65CX800Z TH-65DS610U TH-65DX640A TH-65DX640Z TH-65DX700A
  • TH-65DX700Z TH-65DX740U TH-65DX900U TH-55CS610A

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