ACLINKER Generic DICK SMITH LED LCD TV Remote Control DSE Multiple Model GE Numbers


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Suitable for DICK SMITH TV models (including LCD TV、LED TV、HDTV).

Numerous swift and convenient search mode for suitable appliance models.

Menu function and keys for commonly used function.

Smart memory capacity. No need to reset the remote control after replacing the batteries.

Ideal solution for loss or broken remotes.

Model numbers this remotes supports it also may support other remote controls for TV models starting in "GE68..) etc.... any queries please send an email.

GE6823 - 31.5" LED TV/DVD

GE6826 - 21.5" LED TV/DVD

GE6876 - 32" LED TV/DVD

GE6841 - 23.6" LED TV/DVD

GE6871 - 21" LED TV/DVD

GE6933 - 23.5" LED TV/DVD

GE6845 - 31.5" LED LCD TV

GE6842 - 23.5" LED TV/DVD

GE6870 - 18.5" LED TV/DVD

GE6872 - 24" LED TV/DVD

GE6827 - 23.5" LED TV/DVD

GE6820 - 18.5" LED TV/DVD

GE6875 - 31.5" LED TV

GE6839 - 27.5" LED TV/DVD

GE6833 - 42" LED TV

GE6832 - 23.5" LED TV/DVD

GE6840 - 40" LED TV

GE6834 - 46" LED TV

GE6877 - 40" LED TV

GE6804 - 37" LCD TV








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