E-lektron AIM-68 U-PAD 6 Channel DSP Mixing Console streaming mixer USB Audio Interface Mic Input


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The AIM-68 is a compact, portable 6-Channel mixing desk with USB interface (aka sound card) making it suitable for recording, live performances, karaoke singing, and conference rooms.

The 4 channel configuration is ideal for solo musicians requiring voice and instrument control. Combo jack inputs allow 1/4" connections for guitars.

With Quad-mic channels, the AIM-68 is an ideal solution for the solo musician recording guitar whilst singing. By panning the mic channels Left and Right, it is possible to record each mic channel separately to the computer.

AIM-68 enables individual tracks in the DAW, ideal for applying post-production changes such as compression, EQ, and effects to each channel individually.

Combo jack inputs allow 1/4" connections for guitars and other instruments. normally a guitar is connected to a DI box, before being plugged into an XLR mic input. This ensures the correct signal type is received at the low-z mic input.

Though the AIM-68 has "in-built DI boxes" essentially, and by pressing the Hi-Z button, ensures the correct signal impedance is received from the guitar or instrument, without the need for a DI box.


  • 6-channel digital mixing console with 4 XLR/TRS microphone or guitar combo input jacks and 2 TRS mono/stereo line input jack.
  • Plug and play, with 24 bit USB 2.0 sound card, compatible with Windows XP+ and OS X systems. Also compatible with many audio editing and making software that supports Core Audio or WDM standard.
  • Built-in 24 bit multi-digital effect processor, supports up to 16 kinds of effects to meet different requirements of your vocal or musical instruments.
  • The specially designed A-type microphone pre-amplifier has extremely low noise, low distortion, and a high dynamic range; built-in 48V phantom power for use with a condenser microphone.
  • Compact size design, portable and lightweight; and DC 5V low voltage power supply, can be powered by computer or 5V power bank via the including USB cable, very convenient to use.
  • Suitable for recording, online live performances, karaoke singing and conference room, a great assistant for guitarists, singers, music lovers, and so on.


  • Material: Metal
  • Effects: Hall, Room, Plate, Gated, Reverse, Early Reflections, Ambience, Delay, Echo, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Detune, Pitch Shifter, Delay + Reverb, Chorus + Reverb
  • Power Supply: DC 5V 500mA - USB-B Plug (Power Adapter not included, USB cable only)
  • Power Consumption: Max. 2.5W
  • Item Size: 22.0 * 16.5 * 6cm

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