E-lektron 4 Channel Audio Interface Mixer Mixing Console for recoding with microphone stand and case


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BUNDLE INCLUDES: AIM-42 4×2 Audio interface, SM-12 Condenser Microphone, Suspension Boom Scissor Arm with 5/8-27 Threading, Basic Microphone Shock Mount, and earphone

AUDIO INTERFACE MIXER: The AIM-42 is a compact, portable 4-Channel mixing desk with USB interface making suitable for recording, live performances, karaoke singing, and conference rooms. With 1 mic preamp, stereo balanced jacks, and Hi-Z guitar input, it is ideal for musicians.

MICROPHONE: The SM-12 condenser microphone enables you to capture studio-quality recordings that are faithful to the original source

INSTRUMENT INPUTS: Simply plug your guitar or bass into the high-headroom instrument inputs and start recording without any clipping or unwanted distortion and keep an eye on your input level with intuitive Gain Halo metering

PACKAGE: This E-lektron AIM-42S comes with a heavy-duty ABS case. It makes sure you can nicely pack your gear and safely carry them to any place.

Single Mic Pre with an Additional 3.5mm Input for Headset

With the single combo input mic channel, the AIM-42 is an ideal solution for the solo musician recording vocals. This Channel 1 enables individual tracks in the DAW, ideal for applying post-production changes such as compression, EQ, and effects to each channel individually. The combo jack inputs allow 1/4” connections for guitars and other instruments. Normally a guitar is connected to a DI box, before being plugged into a XLR mic input. This ensures the correct signal type is received at the low-z mic input. There is a 3.5mm jack input with plug-in-power for the use of headset microphones, a very handy tool. The fader level control provides a 3 way EQ (80Hz, 2.5KHz, 12KHz, +/- 15dB), and digital echo effect with delay control, level control, and mute switch.

Channels 2-4

Channel 2 is a dedicated Hi-Z line input for guitars and basses. It has a level control and a LED signal indicator. These are also added to the Channel 3-4, which provides both a balanced or unbalanced 1/4” connection for keyboards, electronic instruments etc.


There are balanced/unbalanced 6.35mm main left and right outputs with mute switch and LED signal and clip indicators. Also, there is a stereo 6.35mm jack headphone output and 3.5mm headset phone output. Finally, the USB stereo input and stereo output with USB playback control and LED signal indicator work for the DAW system on your computer.

S-12 Condenser Microphone

The E-lektron S-12 is a professional condenser microphone is designed for use in studios, concert halls and broadcast applications. Featuring a wide frequency range with a smooth response curve and low distortion for great sounding recordings.


  • 1 x AIM-42 Audio interface Mixer
  • 1 x S-12 Condenser Microphone
  • 1 x Studio Microphone Stand
  • 1 x XLR Cable
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Microphone Holder
  • 1 × 3.5 to 6.35 Jack adapter

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