True Big 8inch 20 cm Glass Gorgeous Nebula Plasma Ball Lamp Sound Sensitive the Best Science Toy Nightlight for Kids


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8 INCH BALL DIAMETER FOR AN IMMERSIVE SENSORY EXPERIENCE. The first thing you'll notice when you pull your new plasma ball lamp out of the box is how substantial it feels in your hands. That's because, unlike smaller electric globe toys, our large plasma dome light is designed to provide a highly visceral and interactive lighting experience.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter - as the ball becomes energized, the gases inside the light up and turn into plasma. Create a dazzling lighting effect with this Large Plasma Ball that will surely impress your family and friends!

This Amazing Large Plasma Ball is an awesome addition to any room! It has been a classic with its lightning-like beams! Always fun and exciting it is surely the highlight of any room. Plugging directly into the wall socket, you can enjoy.

Featuring a super-large glass sphere, the Gorgeous Nebula Plasma Ball can be viewed from any angle and comes complete with its own unique designer base that compliments any room.


  • Ball size: Available in 8" (20cm)
  • Sound Responsive Mode
  • On/OFF switch
  • Fantastic fun
  • Impressive & amazing effect
  • Plasma beams shoot out from the center
  • Perfect & Unique Gift

Package Included:

  • Plasma Ball x 1
  • Power Adapter x 1
  • User Manual x 1

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