HDMI to RCA Cable 1.5 HDMI Male to 3RCA AV Composite Male Connector Adapter Cable Cord Video Audio AV Cable Adapter for 1080P HDTV


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  • HDMI to RCA cable is designed to connect and transfer signals from HDMI port to RCA port. Transfers uncompressed digital audio or video files in high definition.
  • Gold plated connectors make the sure superior and stable signal transfer of video signals up to 1024 x 768-pixel resolution.
  • Plug and play, no need to install drivers, ideal cable for high-definition DVD players, HDTV receivers, TV sets, projectors, A/V receivers, and other HDMI-equipped devices.
  • Kindly note: this cable can't be directly transferred from PC, laptop, DVD, PS4, Xbox, and other devices with HDMI interface to TV. please make sure both devices have signal coding and decoding function, otherwise, an HDMI to RCA converter is needed.
  • This is an HDMI to RCA one-way transmission cable, RCA to HDMI cannot be used, which means the display device (TV or monitor) is the RCA end.

Item specifics:

Connectivity: 1 x RCA AV composite - Male; 1 x HDMI - Male
Cord Length: 5ft / 1.5m
Model Number: HDMI to 3 RCA Video Audio V Cable
Supports: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p resolution


Warm Tips:

1. This HDMI to RCA adapter cable cannot be used as a converter and does not support devices that do not enable signal coding and decoding. For such devices, a converter box is needed.
2. This item only supports HDIM output to RCA and does not support RCA output to HDIM. It is an HDMI->RCA only.
3. The cable is NOT compatible with PC / laptop / PS4 / XBOX / DVD. Please make sure both input and output devices are off when plugging and unplugging this cable.

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