E-Lektron SM12 Stereo large frequency range dscondenser recording microphone with XLR balanced cable holder and case


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The E-Lektron SM12 microphone has a sensitive condenser capsule and a high-quality preamplifier. The signal is processed by the preamplifier integrated into the microphone for forwarding to e.g. a mixer or a USB audio interface.

The SM12 condenser microphone is characterized by Great sensitivity, Large frequency range, Poor sound coloring. The micron has a kidney characteristic (cardioid). Noises behind the microphone are suppressed during the recording, the desired sound can be better isolated.

Condenser microphones are suitable for use as studio microphones, e.g. for recording, streaming, and podcasts. Condenser microphones are also often used as overhead microphones for choirs, piano, or drums.

The microphone is supplied including a microphone cable for connecting the microphone to a 3-pin XLR socket.

The preamplifier integrated into the microphone needs electricity. The microphone does not have its own battery but requires phantom power via the XLR microphone cable. The microphone can only be used on devices with microphone jacks where 48V phantom power is available.

Technical Specifications:

  • Microphone Capsule: Capacitor
  • Power Supply: 48V Phantom Power Supply(via XLR)
  • Characteristics: Cardioid
  • Material Body: Metal
  • Material Basket: Steel
  • Sensitivity:--31dB +/- 1dB @ 50cm Distance
  • Impedance:680 Ohm
  • Signal to Noise Ratio:>66dB
  • SPL max: 120dB @ 1kHz
  • Cable-Length:3m
  • Dimensions:16(H) x 45Ø cm
  • Weight: 0.36kg


  • 1 pc. SM12 condenser microphone
  • 1 pc. balanced XLR microphone cable
  • 1 pc microphone holder for mounting on a microphone stand
  • 1 pc user manual
  • 1 pc Plastic Case

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