E-Lektron EL-M199.6 VHF Handheld Microphone for PA Portable Sound system


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Only For use with EL-25M, EL-30M, EL-38M sound system

Wireless microphone for use with a suitable sound system or wireless microphone system. Ideal for singing, lectures, training, etc.

The microphone comes without a receiver and is only suitable as a replacement for an existing VHF radio microphone system or sound system.


  • Lightweight, handy microphone
  • Range up to max. about 30m (with a clear view )
  • Transmitting power: 10mW
  • Color LED: red
  • Dimensions approx .: average 5.5cm, length 22.5cm
  • Weight approx .: 97g
  • Battery: 2x 1.5V AA Alkaline
  • Transmission frequency: 199.6 MHz  (color coding battery cover: orange)


- Microphone

Compatible with:

- E-Lektron EL16-P

- E-Lektron EL20-MB sound system

- E-Lektron EL21-P sound system (radio channel A)

- E-Lektron EL25-M sound system

- E-Lektron EL30-M sound system (radio channel A)

- E-Lektron EL38-M sound system (radio channel A)

- E-Lektron EL225-B sound system - only VHF version (radio channel A)

- and other 199.6MHz VHF wireless microphone systems

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