E-lektron 2 X 15" inch 1800W Active Bluetooth Powered Speaker Loud Digital Sound System PA SD/USB with RCA Link Cable


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  • MP3 player
  • Bluetooth
  • Digital amplifier integrated
  • 2 X 15 inch Active Loud Speaker 
The sound system can be used as an independent PA system. Microphone and music can be mixed. Besides the playability of music via a USB stick or SD card, the Bluetooth function can also play wireless music from the mobile phone. 

The sound system has an instrument connection for passive instruments with a transducer or pick-up, such as electric guitars, etc., and a stereo LINE input for connection to eg a keyboard, a CD player or a mixing console.

The integrated amplifier is a powerful DIGITAL amplifier with great sound. Digital technology saves weight and energy, is reliable and guarantees lasting high performance.

Ideal for sound reinforcement, presentations, musicians, karaoke, etc.


  • Sound system in stable plastic housing, also for outdoors
  • 2-way bass reflex speaker technology
  • 38cm / 15 "woofer with membrane in fabric thickness
  • Dynamic Titanium Dome Horn driver
  • Digital amplifier saves weight and energy
  • MP3 player for USB stick or SD card
  • Remote control for the MP3 functions
  • Bluetooth compatible to wireless play music from mobile phone
  • Echo effect
  • Aux connection (LINE-IN) via 2 RCA jacks
  • Music and language can be mixed
  • LINE-OUT connection via 2 RCA jacks, for looping on further active boxes
  • handle
  • Stand flange in the ground


  • 2 pc. Sound system JAD38-B
  • 2 pc remote control
  • 2 pc power cord
  • 2 pc 5M RAC Cable
Technical Specifications:
Speaker System 2-way bass reflex
Amplifier type Digital
Power RMS 500 watts
Power Max. 900 watts
Frequency response 45Hz - 20kHz
SPL 102dB
Control range Tone control -12dB - + 12dB
Woofer 15 "/ 38cm diameter
Woofer bead hard
Tweeter Titanium Dome, Dynamic
Speaker output 250 watts RMS @ 4 ohms
Speaker output Impedance minute 4 ohms
Connectivity Cordless Bluetooth
Dimensions 72 (H) x 46 (B) x 45 (T) cm
Weight 16kg
Power supply 100 - 240Vac 50 / 60Hz


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