E-lektron 12" inch Speaker Bluetooth 800W Active Loud Digital Sound System PA with 2 Tunable UHF Wireless Microphones 40 channels


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The E-lektron JAD30U2 is a karaoke PA sound system pack come with one 800W 12inch active speaker and 2 tuneable UHF wireless microphone. It is specially designed for home and small party karaoke.

The sound system can be used as an independent PA system. Microphone and music can be mixed. Besides the playability of music via USB stick or SD card, the Bluetooth function can also play wireless music from the mobile phone.

The sound system has an instrument connection for passive instruments with a transducer or pick-up, such as electric guitars, etc., and a stereo LINE input for connection to eg a keyboard, a CD player or a mixing console.

The integrated amplifier is a powerful DIGITAL amplifier with great sound. Digital technology saves weight and energy, is reliable and guarantees lasting high performance.

Microphone set with 2 high-quality UHF wireless microphones and plug-on receiver that can be connected directly to the mixer, amplifier or sound system. The receiver is equipped with a rechargeable battery and can thus operate independently of the mains for up to 4 hours.


  • Bluetooth Interface and MP3 Media player
  • 2-way Bass Reflex and Digital Amplifier
  • 400watts RMS,Max Power 800watts
  • Digital signal transmission optimised for spar ache and vocals
  • Plug-in receiver with battery for 5 hours of operation
  • Output: Receiver with 6.3mm jack and 3.5mm adapter


  • 30cm / 12 "woofer with membrane in fabric suspension
  • Dynamic Titanium Dome Horn driver
  • Digital Amplifier saves weight and energy
  • MP3 player for USB stick or SD card
  • Remote control for the MP3 functions
  • Bluetooth compatible to wirelessly play music from mobile phone
  • Echo effect on speaker
  • Transmission Frequencies: UHF 520.0 - 541.0 MHz, Per microphone each 20 transmission frequencies available
  • Battery charging via USB (receiver works even when charging)
  • Output: Receiver with 6.3mm jack and 3.5mm adapter


  • 12 inch Active * 1
  • User Manual* 1
  • AU Plug Power Cable *1
  • 5M RCA Cable *1
  • Remote Control * 1
  • Microphone Handheld * 2
  • Plug-in receiver with 3.5mm Jack adapter * 1
  • USB Charging Cable *1
  • AA battery * 2

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