E-Lektron Dynamic UHF wireless Tunable 2 X Headset Microphone System 100 Channel

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E-lektron IU-2080HS Digital Tunable Dual UHF Wireless Microphone System


for use with E-Lektron sound system 520MHz - 541MHz Free operation in All Australia

Dual channel PLL(phase Loop Lock) tunable UHF wireless system with a handheld transmitter. The RF carrier frequency is selected on the receiver and synchronized to the transmitter via infra-red at the touch of a button. Up to 4 RU105 systems can be operated together on the AU licence-free band. The System has reliable auto-scan frequency paring and PLL function to keep away from any interfere environment. The system is friendly user experience, excellent sound quality and multi-selective channels to serve any applications. Complies with latest ACMA Standards

E-Lektron IU-2080HS - digital transmission

Professional wireless UHF radio microphone system of the new generation with 2 Bodypack Headset microphones.

The digitally modulated transmission guarantees a trouble-free connection and minimizes dropouts. The digital audio quality is characterized by excellent sound quality, excellent noise performance and very low distortion. The receiver has an advanced digital feedback processor to prevent whistling noises.

Items supplied:

  • UHF receiver incl. Power supply and 2 antennas
  • 2 pc wireless Headset microphone incl. 4x AA battery each
  • jack cable
  • User manual in English language


● Using UHF band, PLL phase lock circuit, stable characteristics, low harmonic radiation.

● SMT surface mount components

● Adopt dual band receive design, 2×25MHz Tuning bandwidth

● Transmitter up to 50MHz working bandwidth.

● Using mute control【noise locked】

● High strength standard metal shockproof body.

● Bright LCD display screen, display mute,AF.RF strength.

● Auto frequency scan: using the auto scan function to scan free-frequency automatically.(in the case of interference).

● IR infrared automatic frequency function: synchronization via infrared to complete the wireless transmitter.

● Accident power off, receiver have memory function

● Equipped with flat frequency response of 50Hz-16KHz response range.

IU-2080 Receiver

● Receiving Channel: Dual channels

● Carrier Wave Frequency Range: 520-541MHz,suitable for all around Australia

● Oscillation Mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesizer

● RF tuning step: 25KHz,depending on the region

● Radio-frequency sensitivity: input 6dBμV,S/N>80dB

● Working Range: Straight line distance 80 meters,Note:the actual range depends on RF signal absorption

● Mute control: Noise locked

● Combined frequency response: 50Hz-18KHz(±3dB)

● Comprehensive T.H.D: <0.5% @ 1KHz

● Panel display: LCD display screen

● Dimension (mm): 205(L) x 43(H) x 169(D)

● Weight(kg): 0.9

● Standard transmitter: IA-16,IB-10

IB-10 Body-pack microphone

● Oscillation mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesizer

● Carrier wave frequency range: 520-541MHz,suitable for all around Australia

● Pickup gain: 0dB、-10dB、-20dB、-30dB Four band gain

● Transmitter power: 20mW or 10mW switchable

● Current drain: Standard <130mA

● Display method: LCD

● Pickup type: Cardioid condenser cartridge