E-lektron B600-R DC Power or Battery Bubble Machine Wireless Remote Control

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E-Lektron High Output Bubble Machine With Remote Control 


E-Lektron - B600R Battery/Main Power for Toddles Games, Parties, Wedding, DJ's, Kids or Shows



Powerful bubble machine including remote control produces a variety of beautiful, large soap bubbles with a great effect. The powerful blower distributes the bubbles around the room.

When not in use on the mains, the machine is also suitable for battery operation.

Just fill in bubble fluid and you're ready to go.



  • Works with soapy water or soap fluid

  • Liquid tank for approx. 0,6L bubble liquid or soapy water
  • One tank lasts for about 20 minutes. Soap bubbles
  • Strong back fan
  • The soap bubbles are blown up to about 3m in the room
  • Incl. remote Control
  • Works on the mains or with 8 pcs. AA batteries (not included) or 12Vdc
  • Sturdy metal housing with mounting bracket
  • Low power consumption


- Bubble machine

- Mounting bracket

- Remote Control

- Power adapter

Technical specifications:

Operation 100-240Vac via power supply

or 8 pcs AA batteries
power consumption 10W
tank capacity about 600mL
Dimensions approx. 25 (H) x 23 (W) x 23 (D) cm
Weight about 1.6kg