CR Lite 9W R G B W USB Type C Portable LED Mushroom light effect Party Disco

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For Home Party, Outdoors Camping, Festival and Garden Decoration 

  • Multi-colored mushroom effect with R / G / B / W LED technology. The light effect projects a constant jumble of moving, multi-colored light beams from the floor to the ceiling and from wall to wall throughout the room. The movements of the effect can be controlled by the music beat (bass), but there is also the option of running the effect permanently in automatic mode.
  • The LED effect is demonstrated by its low weight, long service life and high operational reliability - ideal for the mobile DJ, stage or party room. The mushroom has a USB-C connection for power supply, the matching power supply is included. And for the garden party, the mushroom can also be operated in a power bank, the average power consumption is around 2000mAh per hour.
  • The generated light beams can also be easily combined with a fog machine for an optimal dance atmosphere.  

Product description


  • Mushroom effect with long-lasting R / G / B / W LED technology  
  • Music control via integrated microphone
  • Rays change direction and color with every bass beat
  • Can be switched to automatic operation 
  • infrared remote
  • Large luminous efficacy thanks to powerful LEDs
  • Individual colors can also be selected with the remote control
  • Power supply via USB-C - on the included power supply, or on a power bank
  • Stable housing with mounting bracket

  • Compatible with E-Lektron Stage-Bar

Package of delivery:

1 pc. Mushroom light effect incl. Holder

1 pc power supply including USB-C cable

1 pc infrared remote control

1 pc of operating instructions

Technical specifications:

UPC 600150186090
LED bulbs 2W red / 2W green / 2W blue / 2W white
Consumption performance 9 watts
Operation on 5Vdc / 2A via USB-C
Dimensions 14.9 (W) x 14.8 (H) x 14.6 (D) cm
Weight approx. 0.5kg