CR Lite 6-way LED Light Crystal Running Ball for Home Party Light Effect Sound Mode

CR Lite

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The CR Lite Color link is a 6-way LED lighting effect that features six different coloured LED lights built into one unit which can then be detached and rearranged to suit your exact requirements.

This quality LED light is perfect for house parties, DJs, garden parties, and kid’s parties thanks to the range of functions that are sure to energise your audience.

Each of the six detachable pods comes with a different colour and all attach to a central pod that provides you with the on/off switch, sensitivity control for the sound activated mode, and a speed control for the strobe effect.

The six coloured pods include red, green, blue, yellow, violet, and white, giving you a broad range of vivid colours to wash a wall, ceiling, or dance floor in vibrantly coloured light.

The light features a sound to light mode thanks to an integrated microphone which listens to your music and synchronises the lights flashes to the beat.


  • deal for DJs or house parties
  • Great value and very easy to use
  • Speed and sound control for a professional effect
  • Real disco feel with light to music feature
  • Light pods detach to form various arrangements

Technical Specifications:

  • Depth: 180mm
  • Height: 365mm
  • Width: 345mm
  • Net weight: 2kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Colours Produced: Red, Yellow, Blue, Violet, White, Green
  • Control Style: Sound activation
  • Power Input: 5V 1A

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