Battery Operated Mirror Ball LED Motor Sound Mode Max Load 3kg 6rpm 12inch 30cm

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Mirror ball motor suitable unto 12 inch mirror ball

Low noise motor for mirror balls up to 3kg. Features 18 focused LEDs to create an amazing pin spot effect.


The switch has two functions, Single line = LED Flashing With Sound, O = Power off and Double lines = LED All On with Motor Rotate

General Safety Recommendations:

1.   Before installation check the unit is in good condition. If damaged do not install the batteries.
2.   If the unit it is not functioning correctly return to us and so not attempt to repair yourself as there are no user serviceable parts inside.
3.   Use indoors only
4.   Install with a distance of at least 0.5m from flammable materials( Decoration materials and others )
5.   The installation must be done in such a way that it can support 10 times the weight of the mirror ball for at least 1 hour without showing any distortion. 
6.   The motor need to be installed perfectly horizontally. Check the position with a spirit level.
7.   Both the motor and the mirror ball must be installed out of reach of persons.
8.   Ensure all screw holes are used.
9.   Use only the supplied chain. 
10. Check the unit regally to ensure it has incurred no damage and is still in fully working order.


Power:                                                   3 X AA Battery
Max Load:                                             3kg
Max Size of the Mirror Ball:                   30 cm
Rotation Speed:                                     6 rpm
Weight:                                                   0.3kg