8500 Lumens Native 1080P Android 6.0 SLR WiFi Outdoor Home Theatre LED Projector


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  • Innovative 4D Keystone Correction & Zoom Function with± 50 ° 4D (vertical & horizontal) keystone correction.
  • The projector with a real native resolution of 1080P, remarkable 8500 lumens bright and high dynamic contrast ratio.
  • HiFi Stereo Sound & Latest Advanced Cooling System.
  • The video projector offers a projection size from 45" to 200".
  • Innovative 4D Keystone Correction & Zoom Function: Our HD projector is the first projector with± 50 ° 4D (vertical & horizontal) keystone correction function to ensure the projected image is always a standard rectangle. It’s very convenient to adjust the screen by using the remote control, especially for the projector suspended from the ceiling. Reducing projection size by using the X/Y ZOOM function, while others can only do that by changing the projection distance.
  • 1080P Native Resolution (1920*1080): The projector with a real native resolution of 1920*1080, remarkable 8500 lumens bright and high dynamic contrast ratio of 8000:1, provides sharp and detailed images from HD content without downscaling or compression, which is four times higher than 720p. Combining an innovative high-refraction 5 layers glassed lens, ensuring the best video experience.
  • HiFi Stereo Sound & Latest Advanced Cooling System: The M2 LED projector has built-in 6W dual stereo speakers with SRS sound system that provides a great auditory sense experience without external speakers. Updated an advanced and silent cooling system with 3 fans running simultaneously. Adopt the latest SmarEco technology to minimize lamp power consumption to extend the useful life of the lamp to a maximum of 60000 hours.
  • Giant Screen & Wide Compatibility: The video projector offers a projection size from 45" to 200" depending on the distance (1.5 - 5.5 meters) and 3M is the recommended viewing distance. Equipped with 2*HDMI ports, 2*USB ports, VGA port, AV port, this phone projector easily connects with TV Box, Amazon Fire Stick TV, Chromecast, PC, laptop, tablet, external speakers, Playstation, Xbox, DVD player, card reader, USB stick, media players, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone.

    Product Description

    8000:1 Contrast Ratio

    Contrast is the amount of difference between the darkest and brightest areas of a picture. A projector with a high contrast ratio allows to enjoying clearly shadow detail and deep black levels, adding a sense of depth and dimension to the picture. When you compare the M2 projector with other 3000: 1 portable projector, the image of the M2 projector is more conspicuous and clearer, as well as the color is more vivid and bright.

    8500 Lumens Brightness

    The brightness of the projector is measured by lumens: the higher the lumens, the brighter the projector will be.M2 LCD projector utilizes the bright LED light and LCD display technology, with 8500 lumens high brightness significantly provides over 50+% brightness than another mini projector, which serves your eyes better. The 3000 lumens video projector can only be used in a completely dark environment, but the M2 TV projector can also be used in low light conditions.

    X / Y Zoom Function

    Optical zoom is the preferred zoom feature in a projector. Most LCD projectors adjust the projection size only by changing the projection distance, but the M2 projector has a motorized zoom facility that can reduce the image up to 50% of the original length and width with the remote control.

    For instance, you can use the remote control to select "X_ZOOM" or "Y_ZOOM" to adjust the length and width when you want to reduce the picture size. With this innovative function, no need to adjust the projector distance frequently to matches the screen size.

    Mirroring Function

    Bring your Smartphones or MacBook to the big screen.

    1. When connecting to an Android phone, an extra MHL-HDMI adapter (not included) is required. (Note: Android phone need to support MHL function)

    2. When connecting to an iPhone, an extra Lightning to HDMI adapter (not included) is required.

    3. When connecting with a MacBook or MacBook Pro, an extra USB-C-HDMI cable (not included) is required.

    Innovative 4D ±50°Keystone Correction

    Most 1080p projectors have vertical keystone correction only, while we have both horizontal and vertical. Furthermore, the range is up to ±50°(others only ±15°). Especially when the short throw projector is suspended from the ceiling, it is very convenient to adjust the angle by using remote control but no require removing the projector position to adjust it.

    Keystone correction makes it simple to project ideally aligned images from a variety of locations. With it, the projector can be placed off-center, allowing the presenter to stand in front of the screen without blocking the image.

    HD Reverse Lens Design

    The M2 projector lens adopts the design concept of the HD reverse lens, and adopts a semi-hidden lens design, hides the lens with a zoom ring, effectively prevents accidental scratches of the lens, etc. The three-dimensional design highlights the sense of technology and fashion.

    HiFi Level Stereo Audio Performance

    Built-in dual stereo speakers (6W) with SRS Sound System. With double clear sound quality, whether using it indoor or outdoor, the powerful speakers give you an immersive experience.

    The Real Native 1080P Resolution

    The total number of pixels of the projector determines the native resolution of the projector. The more pixels you can fit in the display, the crisper and more detailed your images will appear. A higher resolution is especially important for home theater projectors. For example, when comparing the number of pixels (resolution) of 1920 * 1280 and 1280 * 800 with the same screen size, it becomes 4 times higher definition. The Y30 projector's chip consists of tens of thousands of reflective lenses, each lens is quickly switched every second to render 1080P full HD picture.

    Impeccable Optics for Excellent Image Quality

    The M2 projector adopts Optical Coating Technology and uses the highest quality glass for superior light penetration and no virtual focus. Patented low dispersion lens can minimize chromatic aberration so you can enjoy your favorite 1080P HD content with brilliant clarity.

    Android Specifications

    ▷Android OS 6.0 much faster than common android 4.4

    ▷CPU Processor speed (max): 1.5Ghz

    ▷RAM: 1G

    ▷ROM: Flash 8G

    ▷If connect mouse and keyboard to the projector USB Port and it can be used as PC

    ▷Built-in wireless wifi Bluetooth (Bluetooth only pair to Bluetooth speakers)

    Please note here:


    1. Due to copyright issues, this projector does not support Dolby sound. If there is no sound when playing videos like Netflix, turn off Dolby sound on your connected devices or apps. (Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output > and then turn Dolby Digital (OFF);

    If no sound when you connect to DVD, please choose "PCM" sound input mode to ensure the sound working.

    2. The projector can only read the MP4 video format in USB Key. If you want to play AVI, MKV, WMV video, connect the computer to the projector for playback.

    3. The projector can play 4K videos by connecting the smartphones or laptop directly, but cannot support play 4k format videos by connecting USB stick or 4k devices.

    Package list:
    1 * LED Projector
    1 * AV Cable
    1 * VGA male to male Cable
    1 * English User Manual

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