2 X 12" inch 1500W Portable+Active Speakers Sound System Battery PA BT/USB/ Mics

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2  Pcs 12 inch Speaker Total 1500W Mobile + Active PA Sound System Battery MP3/USB/SD Mic  Speaker Set




E-Lektron EL30-M Media Player, Battery Operate, 2 Microphne, Bluetooth & FM-Radio


Ø      Media-Player with Recording Function

Ø      Integrated battery

Ø      Come with 2 VHF Microphones

Ø      Rolling Wheel

Ø      BLUETOOTH Interface

Ø      FM-Radio


Powerful, 2-way PA sound system with built-in power amplifier in shock-proof ABS plastic housing with handle and wheels.


With the built-in mini-mixer, funkmicrophones, USB / SD MP3 player, line and instrument input, the box works as a standalone PA system. Multiple systems can be connected in series via line-out and line-in.


Ideal for presentations, sound reinforcement, musicians, karaoke, etc. With this versatile Soundsytem you can record about 150-200 persons.


Despite many application possibilities easy to handle.


  • Sound system with integrated mixing amplifier, media player, FM radio and 2 microphones
  • Sturdy ABS plastic housing with hand grip and castors, also for outdoor use
  • Integrated, powerful amplifier with low-energy technology
  • 2-way bass reflex loudspeaker technology with great sound control and deep bass
  • Media player with USB connection and SD card slot, incl. Recording (recording function)
  • BLUETOOTH interface for wireless playback of music from the smartphone or tablet
  • FM radio with integrated antenna
  • Illuminated display with MP3 title display
  • Incl. Remote control for media player functions
  • Incl. 2 VHF microphones with feedback suppression - Possibility to connect cable microphones
  • Connectable echo effect for microphone and instrument connection
  • Talkover function: switchable crosstalk attenuation for automatic power control of the music during microphone operation
  • Mixing of MP3, radio microphones, external music and instrument / cable microphone
  • 3 Operating modes:
  • On the 240Vac power supply 
  • To 12Vdc
  • Via the integrated battery
  • Integrated battery - the system has a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Downstairs stand for 35mm speaker stands
  • Robust metal grille for the woofer



  • USB and SD ports for playing music from the memory stick or card. A mobile phone can be charged at the USB port.
  • Receiver for VHF radio microphones
  • 2 pcs. 6.3mm jack (cable) microphone connector, 1 of which instrumental for e.g. Electric guitar
  • 1 pc. Cinch line-in connection
  • 1 pc 3.5mm jack socket AUX input
  • 1 pc Cinch line-out with only the line-in signal, 2 pcs. Cinch line-out with mixed signal
  • 240V power supply
  • DC socket for additional 12V battery (for 2.5x5.5mm DC plug)


Package Including:

1 Sound system

1 Power cord

2 Microphone incl. Battery

1 Remote control for the media player

1 Operating instructions


Technical specifications:

Operation 240Vac oder 12Vdc
USB / SD -Port Upto 16GB
Playable Files MP3 / WMA / ID3-Tag
Microphone VHF 197.15/199.6MHz (R&TTE conform)
Battery Microphone 2x 1.5V AA-Batterie (Alkalin)
Battery Capacity 3-5 hours (volume-dependent)
Woofer 30cm - 12", Membrane in fabric thickness
Titanium Titanium dome horn, dynamic 
Control Range Tone control per +/- 12dB
SPL  max. 97dB 
RMS Power 350 Watt max.
Peak Power 700 Watt max.
Amplifier Power 100 Watt Low-Energy
Frequence 40 - 20.000 Hz 
Deminsion              56 (H) x 35 (W) x 31 (D) cm 
Weight ca. 14kg






With digital amplifier - E-Lektron JAD30-B


Professionally equipped sound system incl

  • MP3 player

  • Bluetooth

  • Digital amplifier integrated 

The sound system can be used as an independent PA system. Microphone and music can be mixed. Besides the play ability of music via USB stick or SD card, the Bluetooth function can also play wireless music from the mobile phone.


The sound system has an instrument connection for passive instruments with a transducer or pick-up, such as electric guitars, etc., and a stereo LINE input for connection to eg a keyboard, a CD player or a mixing console.


The integrated amplifier is a powerful DIGITAL amplifier with great sound. Digital technology saves weight and energy, is reliable and guarantees lasting high performance.


Ideal for sound reinforcement, presentations, musicians, karaoke, etc.



  • Soundsystem in stable plastic housing, also for outdoors

  • 2-way bass reflex speaker technology

  • 30cm / 12 "woofer with membrane in fabric thickness

  • Dynamic Titanium Dome Horn driver

  • Digital amplifier saves weight and energy

  • MP3 player for USB stick or SD card

  • Remote control for the MP3 functions

  • Bluetooth compatible to wireless play music from mobile phone

  • Echo effect

  • Aux connection (LINE-IN) via 2 RCA jacks

  • Music and language can be mixed

  • LINE-OUT connection via 2 RCA jacks, for looping on further active boxes

  • handle

  • Stand flange in the ground



  • pc. Soundsystem JAD30-B

  • pc remote control

  • pc power cord

Technical Specifications:


Speaker System 2-way bass reflex
amplifier type Digital
Power RMS 400 watts
Power Max. 800 watts
frequency response 45Hz - 20kHz
SPL 102dB
Control range Tone control -12dB - + 12dB
woofer 12 "/ 30cm diameter
Woofer bead hard
tweeter Titanium Dome, Dynamic
Speaker output 200 watts RMS @ 4 ohms
Speaker output Impedance minute 4 ohms
Connectivity Cordless Bluetooth
Dimensions 58 (H) x 38 (B) x 37 (T) cm
mass 12kg
power supply 100 - 240Vac 50 / 60Hz







Delivery without memory stick

 Total Package Including:

1pc 12 inch Portable Speaker 

1pc 12 inch Active Speaker

2pc Power cord

2pc Microphone incl. Battery

2pc Remote control for the media player

2pc Operating instructions

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